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100m Tape From $3.40
48mm width · Clear
100m Premium Tape From $4.40
48mm width · Brown
50m Fragile Tape $4.60
48mm width
Premium Tape Gun $18.80
Suits 48mm rolls · Incl roll
18mm Packing Knife $3.20
Snap-off blades
BIC Intensity Premium Permanent Marker $3.60
Chisel tip · Black

Packing and Moving Accessories – Tape, Knives, and Essentials

Don’t forget the essentials! Ensure a smooth and efficient move with StoreStuff’s range of packing and moving accessories in Wellington. Our selection includes all the must-have items to make your packing process easier and more organized. From durable packing tape to reliable packing knives, we’ve got you covered.

Essential Packing and Moving Accessories

Packing Tape: Secure your boxes with our strong adhesive packing tape, designed to keep your items safe during transit.
Packing Knives: Make unpacking a breeze with our sharp and durable packing knives.
Markers and Labels: Easily identify your boxes with our high-quality markers and labels.
Stretch Wrap: Protect furniture and large items with our flexible and reliable stretch wrap.
Bubble Wrap and Paper: Ensure delicate items are cushioned with our bubble wrap and protective packing paper.
Moving Blankets: Shield your furniture and valuables with our sturdy moving blankets.
Why Choose StoreStuff?

High-Quality Products: Our accessories are made from premium materials to ensure durability and reliability.
Affordable Prices: Get the best value for your money with our competitively priced packing essentials.
Local Expertise: As a trusted provider in Wellington, we offer personalized service and expert advice.
Convenient Shopping: Easily find everything you need for a successful move in one place.
Make Your Move Easier

Prepare for your move with StoreStuff’s packing and moving accessories. Our range of essentials ensures you won’t forget anything important, making your relocation as smooth and stress-free as possible.

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Visit StoreStuff today to explore our comprehensive selection of packing and moving accessories. With our quality products and exceptional service, you’re sure to have everything you need for a successful move in Wellington.

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