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40mm 4 Digit Combination Padlock
Tolsen 38mm Keyed Iron Padlock
Tolsen 70mm Disc Padlock Stainless Steel
40mm Brass 3 Keys Shackle Padlock

Enhance Your Security with StoreStuff’s Range of Padlocks For Sale

Securely Buy Padlocks Online

StoreStuff Self Storage provides an easy and secure way to purchase padlocks online, ensuring the safety of your storage unit or personal belongings. Ideal for customers in Wellington and surrounding areas, our Click & Collect service ensures that buying padlocks is both simple and efficient. Choose from our selection of sturdy and reliable padlocks, place your order online, and pick it up from our Petone facility within 30 minutes.

Padlocks: A Must For Security

A padlock is a versatile and portable lock used to protect your valuables. At StoreStuff, we recommend using a padlock to secure your belongings in Wellington’s self storage units. It’s an effective way to deter unauthorised access and keep your possessions secure. Whether you’re storing household items, business documents, or personal keepsakes, our padlocks provide the peace of mind you need.

Keyed or Combo? Find Your Perfect Padlock

There are two types of people in this world…

Padlock Type Pros Cons
Keyed Padlock
  • High Security: Keyed padlocks often provide a high level of security. The complexity of their lock mechanisms can make them more resistant to picking and forced entry.
  • Physical Key: Having a physical key can be a reassurance for many, as it offers a tangible way to access your belongings. It’s straightforward to use, especially for those who prefer a traditional method.
  • No Remembering Codes: Having a physical key means you can quickly access your StoreStuff storage unit without needing to remember a combination.
  • Risk of Losing Keys: Keeping track of the key is essential. While it’s a straightforward access method, you’ll need to ensure the key is always in a safe place to avoid inconvenience. If you’ve lost the keys, no worries. We’ll get you back into the unit with a quick ID check. It’s one of the many reasons why we have on-site managers!
  • Key Distribution: If multiple people need access to the storage unit, you’ll need to create and distribute spare keys responsibly. Our keyed padlocks have 3 keys for this reason, so it’s unlikely more than 3 people will need access to your locker.
Combo Padlock
  • No Key To Lose: With a combination padlock, there’s no key to lose, making it a convenient option for those prone to losing small items. As long as you remember the combination, you can always access your belongings.
  • Shared Access: Sharing access is easier with a combination padlock, as you can simply provide the combination to those who need it without the need to duplicate or distribute keys. Perfect for storage units that are shared, such as student or business storage.
  • Resettable Codes: Our combination padlocks allow you to set and reset your combination. This feature provides the flexibility to change your security code periodically for enhanced security.
  • Forgotten Combination: The downside is that if you forget the combination, accessing your belongings can be difficult or impossible without destructive entry. Of course, we’re on-site 6 days a week for this exact reason. Just pop in and see us. With a quick ID check, we’ll get you back in.

Wellingtonians, You Choose: In-Store or Click & Collect

While our padlocks are available for immediate in-store or Click & Collect at our Petone, Lower Hutt location, we invite you to visit us at 32 Nevis St for a personal look at our wide range of storage solutions and accessories.

Click & Collect ensures a swift and hassle-free shopping experience, with your order ready for pickup within 30 minutes at our Petone storage facility. This service is designed for your convenience, allowing you to secure your storage needs swiftly and efficiently.

Whether safeguarding a storage unit at StoreStuff or securing personal items, our selection of padlocks provides the durability, reliability, and security you need. Choose between combination or keyed options and take advantage of our convenient Click & Collect service to enhance the security of your belongings today.

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